Saturday, June 20, 2009

Seize the Means!

Hello, Reader!

This is my first blogpost and introduction on Seize the Means. I'll be brief in my introduction and take a short moment to explain what the purpose of this blog is. So, without much inbetween, I'm AnarchoJesse. I have been involved in the liberty movement for a few years now, and I live in what is arguably the most active liberty destination, Keene, New Hampshire. I myself have been involved in several of the more specific activisms occurring here, and have had a great time doing it-- there is nothing more thrilling than asserting your rights and demonstrating to thugs that you're not to be ruled or held to heel. I was active with the community at FreeKeene, but ultimately a difference in approaches has led to my splitting with them. I wish FreeKeene the best, and I will participate on their forums, but I think its time for a bit more diversity in the movement.

Which gets me to the juice of what the intent of this blog is. This blog will function as a means of communicating my and future bloggers experiences in dealing with the State via our own activism, and a specific focus on agorism. Seize the Means itself is an allusion to the notion of "seizing the means of production", but here we're using it specifically in the sense of seizing the means of production in all its facets from the State, which has created a monopoly on services and handed out de jure monopolies and favors to various corporate interest. So, let me run down the intent of this blog:

  • Record details of experimental agorism-- Kind of my own concept, Experimental Agorism is the application of counter-economics with the intent of seeing if specific ideas work or not. This will usually be less technical intensive as I am by no means a technical kind of person, but I'll try my best. I also don't have a complete list of all counter-economics-in-action concepts, but I'm going to be researching for some, and if you have any ideas, toss them my way. I'll try it out, and post the results on here, with some editorial opinion on these ideas.
  • Focus specifically on cooperative based counter-economics-- Seize the Means is most definitely a left-libertarian blog and concept. We're going to try a wide array of ideas in cooperative model.
  • Use activism as an effective way of demonstrating the State's inherent disorder and harmful intent-- Activism is a great tool to demonstrate to people unfamiliar with liberty the damage the State will cause against all peoples for stepping out of their narrowly drawn line.
  • Use counter-economics as an effective way of demonstrating the best methods to build the new society within the shell of the old-- While Activism does the best at demonstrating the violence of the State, counter-economics is the key to understanding how to function without the State and to experiment with concepts to help facilitate the new society that arises out of the old Statist paradigm.

That sums up what the intent and focus of the blog will be, and I hope to have return feedback from readers and to receive multiple suggestions on the next agorist idea to experiment with. So stick around, and see what comes up!